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Kyle’s promos for new book Scandalands take toll

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KYLE Sandilands continues the promotional blitz for his upcoming autobiography Scandalands, and Confidential hears it may be taking its toll on the announcer, who called in sick to his day job on Tuesday and Wednesday last week.

It’s understood Sandilands gave no reason to his bosses at 2Day FM for the double sickie but his spokesperson yesterday said the broadcaster had been floored by a „cold”.

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It followed his no-show from last weekend’s Australian Commercial Radio Awards. But when it comes to promoting his new tome it seems there’s no stopping Sandilands, who has been flogging the book – ghost-written by his former producer Bruno Bouchet – across several TV and radio platforms culminating in a sit-down with Mike Willesee on Seven’s Sunday Night last night.

The highlight? Sandilands said he has lost a few kilograms. „I fluctuate between 120 but the other day was 134 and a half … I’m hoping down the lower end of that,” he said, adding he now weighs 131.2kg.

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